Friday, 8 April 2011

'All by myself...'

This evening i was expecting to be working in the Lime Tree but got a text just before i was due to start saying it was dead so not to bother coming in. This suddenly left me with an entire evening free and nothing to do! Seeing as i'd been stuck in work all day already, staring green eyed at everyone strolling along the High Street, enjoying the sunshine i decided i was going out to do something. I fancied heading up the glen for a climb but a few quick calls and texts confirmed that everyone else was either busy or too tired after a long day on the sun baked rock already! No matter, i headed up the glen anyway, hoping to spot someone i knew's car and join them, sadly the only people who's car i recognised was Isi who was just packing up as i pulled up, having been out since about half 10.
Well i hadn't come this far to just go home again so i dumped the rope and rack in the car and headed up with the intention of soloing something easy then heading home. 6 or 7 routes later i decided that the daylight was running out so i'd better call it a day!
I managed to climb:
Three Pines Variation (VDiff)
Tykes Climb (VDiff)
The Gutter (Diff)
Quartz Wall (Diff)
Styx Right Wall (VDiff)
Pinnacle Ridge (Severe) &
Upper Pinnacle (Diff/VDiff)

Just before the roof on Three Pines

2 climbers packing up after Pine Wall. Taken from P1 of the Gutter

Scimitar Ridge, from the top of Styx Right Wall

I've climbed all of these before but only done a few as solos so it was an interesting experience. Now its time to relax with a glass of wine and let my arms recover! Hopefully i'll be back out climbing on Sunday if the weather holds.

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